Washing mashine Whirlpool AWM 8163/2 with error F07

How you may fix it easily and cheap!

The description of error code F07 says "Motor Control Unit (MCU) Error".
The webpage here suggests that you take out the motor control PCB, but that is probably not needed at all. And even if the PCB really IS damaged, it may be very difficult to verify. (The page DO have a good description of how to open the washing mashine from the front side, if that is needed. But I dont think that is necessary for error code F07).

I have made this web page, because I found the reason for F07 to be very simple and cheap to repair!
In my case (and probably also yours) it was NOT the Motor Control Unit PCB at all.

It was simply the carbon in the DC motor, that was worn out!
You can get access to the DC motor by removing the backplate like this:
  1. Unplug the washing mashine from the wall power connection (for safety).
  2. Remove the four plastic tabs in the middle of the backplate by pushing then in and sliding them to the side (horizontally).
  3. Remove the screws holding the back plate. Do NOT remove all the screws on the back side, as some holds other things (like the Motor Control Unit PCB metal frame)!
  4. Feel how tight the belt is before removing the DC motor, so you know how tight it should be when you shall mount it later!
  5. Remove the large bolt in the upper center of the DC motor.
  6. Remove the belt.
  7. Remove the other large bolt holding the motor and be carefull not to drop the motor, as the wires are still connected to it.
  8. Disconnect the two small GROUND connectors by pressing the small tab in the center of each of the small connectors.
  9. Disconnect the large connector by pressing the plastic taps.
  10. Now remove the motor.
  11. Take out the carbon holders by removing the two screws holding each carbon and see if they are worn down.

Of course, if the carbon has good connection to the motor, and the spring holding the carbon can press the carbon further out, then the error is probably something else (like the Motor Control Unit board, or the motor windings that are short circuited inside the motor, or something else). But there is a good chance that error code F07 is just the carbon that needs to be replaced. After all, the carbon is a wear part.

New carbon connectors are quite cheap compared to a new washing mashine.
I bought mine here together with a grindstone for less than 300 DKK.
There is a nice video of how to replace the carbon here.

Last modified 2016-09-05